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Integration of spirituality and religion into psychotherapy.

Integration of spirituality and religion into psychotherapy. Dear All, for your information: Worthington Jr., Everett L. (Norcross, John C. (Ed); VandenBos, Gary R. (Ed); Freedheim, Donald K. (Ed).  2011, History of psychotherapy. Washington, DC, US: American Psychological Association) Abstract "The history of the integration of religion and spirituality into psychotherapy has been driven by several trends. All push toward more religious and spiritual diversity for both clients and therapists. (...) Among therapists, the cognitive revolution made it more reasonable to deal explicitly with values, hence religion and spirituality have been addressed more openly than in previous decades. Economic pressures—managed care, in particular—have changed practice to accept, if not demand, practitioners willing to integrate religious and spiritual considerations. Openness of secular therapists to spiritual, but less often religious, approaches has been fueled by multicu